What does it cost to put a property on the market?

The simple answer is no.

We pay for all the advertising and marketing making sure your property looks great and then work hard to find you a buyer. Unlike most internet Agents who charge you upfront and then have no real need to work hard to sell the property for you.

I want to rent a property through you, do I have any fees to pay?

Yes, you do. We charge each tenant over the legal age (18) £150 as an administration fee. This is paid in form of a holding fee for the property you want to take.

What qualifications do Estate Agents need?

Unlike many professions, Estate Agents do not need to have any form of qualifications. However, here at Stanford Estates we take what we do very seriously and as such every member of staff undergoes industry training to ensure that you get the benefit of motivated and experienced advice.

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