Why buy through Stanfords?

Buying can be daunting, particularly if it is your first purchase or the first time you will have been involved in a chain.

A guide to buying

Check out our guide to buying your next home. Detailing the dos and don'ts of the whole purchase

Stamp duty calculator

Calculating stamp duty is affected by the number of properties you own and the value at which you are buying.

Mortgages and finance

If you don't have cash for a property purchase, you will need to organise your finance, here is a short over view of mortgages.


It is important when buying that you choose the right conveyancer who can act efficiently and effectively for you.


Don't just take our word for it. Our clients also say we are good at what we do and would recommend us to others.

Moving step by step



Register your details with one of our offices. New Instructions are always emailed out the day they come available, and within days these should be followed up with phone calls.


We send you stuff

We do our best to make sure that it’s the relevant properties to your search that will be sent to you; however, we try to show a little diversity in case something grabs your attention. At times we will call you to check that you are still looking and make sure that your criteria haven’t changed.


Start Viewing

We like to accompany as many viewings as we can, it gives you a chance to ask us about the area and learn more about the property. Spending time with you as a buyer will give us the opportunity to understand your needs more so that when we see the right property we can marry it to you quickly. As a registered potential buyer you are welcome to give your contact in our offices a call at anytime to ask questions or find out more about our available properties or the area.


Love a place

Once you have found a property, your negotiator will help you through the process and in their absence there will always be another understanding and efficient person to pick up the file on your behalf. Buying a property in England and Wales is a straightforward procedure but here are a few things that will help you through the process.

We know that as a buyer you will one day look to sell so we are here through the whole process.

Even if your chosen property doesn’t end up being found through Stanford Estates. There's always tomorrow.