Friday night’s will never feel quite the same again since Teatro vivo visited us last week. Following a knock on the door from the troupe’s Kas and Matthew when they were looking for space for their immersive entertainment, we were more than happy to play a part in the fun. 

A little worrying though when the storyline was explained, that they actually needed an Estate Agency, as their antics through Forest Hill centre was going to end in the unfortunate kidnapping of one of our own!!

Entitled ‘The Maze’, Teatro Vivo’s penchant is to engage with their audience as close as they can get while at the same time being on the move and pulling the audience both in, and along with them.


As it happens, it was one of their own dressed like an archetypal Estate Agent, gold watch and all – and we had little to worry about – even though you’re more likely to find us in jeans and jumpers than shirts and ties.

Next time, we’re asking for costumes!

Teatro Vivo are in partnership with SHAPESLewisham 

See more about The Maze, thank you to Doug Southall for the amazing photographs