schools in hither green

When choosing a new property – and even the location to move to – local schools are a huge priority for people with children, or those who are hoping to have children in the near future. The quality of schools in an area can be a make or break for some, if they are set on only moving to a location with the best schools possible. 

Luckily for anyone considering a move to Hither Green, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to excellent schools. The schools in Hither Green are committed to the education and development of their pupils and offer a warm and nurturing environment for children and young people to thrive in. 

Discover the choices for education in the area, from Hither Green primary schools to secondary schools and beyond. 

Brindishe Green Primary School

Beacon Road, London, SE13 6EH

  • Type: community primary school 
  • Ages: three years to 11 years

Brindishe Green Primary School uses collaborative and flexible learning to engage students and encourage them to be active in their learning. Educating students from ages three to 11, this community primary school encourages students to be the best they can be. 

They strive to make sure that every child feels as though they belong to a community at Brindishe Green Primary School and recognise how important this is for development. Nurturing students who see themselves as part of the wider school community is a top priority here, with collaborative learning ingrained into the curriculum. 

Brindishe Lee Primary School

Wantage Road, Lee Green, London, SE12 8NA

  • Type: community primary school 
  • Ages: four years to 11 years

At Brindishe Lee Primary School, the curriculum is designed to be taught in a way that encourages collaborative learning. Each year group has both their own classroom and shared space outside the classroom, as well as access to outdoor learning areas and smaller rooms. 

Like Brindishe Green, Brindishee Lee emphasises the importance of a sense of belonging for their students. Believing that a strong sense of commitment to the school community is essential for learning, this primary school nurtures students and helps them grow into successful learners. 

Brindishe Manor School

Leahurst Road, Lewisham, London, SE13 5LS

  • Type: community primary school 
  • Ages: three years to 11 years

Bringing a flexible approach to the learning and development of its pupils, Brindishe Manor School is a calm and quiet environment for children to thrive. They support their students to become engaged learners with a respect for the school community and others.  

With excellent learning areas and resource areas, Brindishe Manor School values shared learning experiences. Offering outdoor learning spaces, a music and dance room and two assembly halls as well as the standard classrooms, this is a school dedicated to enriching the learning experience of its students.

“Teaching and support staff work closely together sharing responsibility for making a very organised and educationally stimulating environment, ensuring that resources are well looked after and available.”



Colfe’s School

Horn Park Lane, London SE12 8AW

  • Type: co-educational grammar school 
  • Ages: three years to 18 years

Previously known as Colfe’s Grammar School, Colfe’s School is ideal for anyone seeking a private school in Hither Green for children aged between three and 18. This is one of the oldest schools in the entire city, and its history can be traced back for over 350 years.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate awarded Colfe’s an Excellent rating, which is the highest available with the private sector’s Ofsted equivalent. 

St Winifred’s RC Primary School

Newstead Road, Lee, London SE12 0SJ

  • Type: Catholic primary school 
  • Ages: three years to 11 years

St Winifred’s RC Primary School strives to nourish a happy, safe and supportive school community where every child is welcomed and valued for their uniqueness. Valuing community and development, children with Special Educational Needs are educated alongside their peers either in small groups or individually.

At this school, each pair of classrooms share a well-resourced adjoining area and there are two spacious hall areas used for P.E., drama, dance and singing. St Winifred’s holds music in high esteem, with a dedicated music room for the children to enjoy.

“St. Winifred’s is an inclusive school, at the heart of the local community. We are proud to have strong links with the parish, an extremely active PTA (The Friends of St. Winifred’s) and very dedicated Governors. The school is proud of its welcoming and supportive environment, in which everybody is respected and valued.” – Ms Claire Gillespie, Headteacher.

Trinity Church of England School: Primary Phase

Leahurst Road, London SE13 5HZ

  • Type: primary school 
  • Ages: four years to 11 years

Trinity Church of England School is an all-through school divided across two campuses: the Primary Phase and the Secondary Phase. Trinity Church of England School welcomes pupils of all faiths and pupils of no faith, encouraging and guiding them to fulfil their potential. 

This primary school’s ethos encompasses three concepts: learning, loving and living. Helping their students to succeed academically, care for those around them and live life to the fullest, Trinity Church of England School is a place for children to grow and develop skills for an ever-changing world.

“Every child deserves the best possible start in life and nothing is more important than a good education.  Here at Trinity we aim to provide a world-class education for all our pupils regardless of the age or stage at which they join us.” – Mr David Lucas, Executive Headteacher.

Trinity Church of England School: Secondary Phase

Taunton Road, Lee, London SE12 8PD

  • Type: secondary school 
  • Ages: 11 years to 16 years

This school boasts a specially designed Character Education Programme to support students with life skills, helping them grow both academically and socially into responsible members of the community. Trinity Church of England School provides opportunities for young people to grow in mind, body and spirit.

Their inspirational and innovative education programme is underpinned by a deeply Christian ethos, helping students to be the best version of themselves.

Do you have any questions about what life in Hither Green is like? Talk to a reliable Hither Green estate agent and find out all you need to know.