If your home has been on the market for a while and there hasn’t been a sniff of an offer, or you’ve only had offers well below valuation, you can find yourself anxiously asking ‘why is my home not selling?’ The house selling process isn’t always easy and one of the most anxiety-inducing times is when your property has been on the market for a while and still your home is not selling. 

Here, we look at why your home might not be selling with the eight most likely reasons to consider. Do be aware that it takes, on average, three to four months to sell a home in the UK. So, bear in mind this average and then consider the reasons below.

Reasons your home is not selling

1. The property lacks kerb appeal

If you’re not getting the number of viewers that you had hoped for, then you need to consider how your home and area looks from a drive-by. Viewers will often check out a property from the outside before even making a booking.

Try to look at the exterior of your property from the point of view of your buyers and think about those all-important first impressions. Tidy-up the garden and areas visible from the road. Clean windows and frames, even repainting if necessary. Make sure the pathway is neat and clean and the door looks inviting but secure.

Windows are an important factor for potential buyers. If they aren’t in good nick then it may suggest that there’s a lot of property maintenance left undone. 

2. The home is cluttered

One reason that your home may not be selling is that it’s simply too messy. It’s difficult for potential buyers to look beyond clutter and mess. It gives the illusion of less space and also hints at a home not cared for. 

If you are planning on moving, then decluttering makes sense anyway. It’ll make your packing and move easier. So, use this opportunity to have a clear out. Pack up some of the things you don’t need out and on show, storing them in the loft or elsewhere. Get rid of big bulky things like exercise equipment or unused toys, and create more space on surfaces.

3. The property isn’t pet or smoke free

When it comes to selling, make your home as odour free as possible. Smokers should be banished outdoors and then the home fully aired as much as possible. Pets should ideally be away during viewings and their paraphernalia tidied away.

4. The photos aren’t good enough

Choose an estate agent that uses professional photography so that your home is shown at its best. Home buyers rarely read the details of particulars until they’ve browsed a few photos. Ensure a wide angle lens is used and, where possible, stage your house to sell it.



5. You’ve got the price wrong

Unfortunately, many sellers go with the highest valuing estate agent and this isn’t actually always reflective of what you can achieve on the open market. Get a mixture of valuations and also look at other similar properties that have sold recently in your area to get a more realistic idea of price.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to set a realistic price for their own homes – your home is full of memories and happy times. Because of this, it can be tough to look objectively at your home; the buyers will not have this trouble, and won’t be viewing your home through rose-tinted lenses. Estate agents can help you to set a realistic asking price for your property.

6. The marketing is ineffective

Marketing is everything when it comes to selling your home. Buyers are scouring dozens of adverts and particulars, so yours needs to stand out. It’s not just photography, but clear floor plans should be available and the property descriptions should be enticing. Check where else your estate agent is advertising your property.

All relevant information should be easily available for viewers. You and the estate agent should be welcoming, transparent and clear with people when they ask questions.

7. It’s the wrong time of year

Believe it or not, house selling and buying is seasonal. Spring is the hottest time of year for buyers and sellers. Trying to sell your home in November and December is typically trickier. That’s not to say you can’t sell your property out of season, just be aware that it may take longer and more effort.

The housing market also fluctuates and is more buoyant at some times than others. Speak to your estate agent about how homes in your area are selling and if your home not selling is reflective of a problem with the property or simply a sign of the wider market.

8. Your estate agent isn’t up to scratch

Unfortunately, not all estate agents are created equally. They may have encouraged you to accept offers without qualifying that they are ready to buy with a mortgage in principle, or with extensive chains that quickly break down. Poor estate agents price properties too high or do little to present the property well in particulars, failing to refresh listings as needed.



The importance of getting the estate agent right

All of the above factors are also influenced by choosing the right estate agent. For example, a high-quality professional estate agency will ensure that you are informed about the local market, or discretely advised on household clutter putting off buyers. 

A good estate agent will hear your concerns about why your home is not selling and work with you to come up with ideas to get the viewers and the offers in. They will make suggestions and come up with fresh ideas, as well as give you honest and reflective feedback from viewers so that you can do what you can to improve the chances of selling. They can also offer assurance about what is normal and expected for properties of your type in your area.

Your relationship with your estate agent should be based on trust and openness. You should be reassured that they are working tirelessly to sell your home as quickly as possible, while also ensuring you get the best price.

Your estate agent in South London

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