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Catford & Cyphers Cricket Club

Stanfords – the 2022 Junior sponsor for Catford & Cyphers Cricket Club!

Stanfords are enormously proud to be 2022 seasons sponsors of the Junior section of Catford & Cyphers Cricket Club. It was an exciting proposition that we leapt at and caught with both hands when the opportunity came up.

Over the past few years Community Sports Clubs have had a torrid time. With little support, and funding, sports clubs up and down the country have needed their local club heroes that are passionate about sports, educating and growing the game to step up. But many clubs across all sports are still paying the price of the pandemic and the Lockdowns.

During this time Catford & Cyphers have taken an opportunity to develop their Junior Section and in 2021 really started to thrive. Cricket isn’t an entitled sport, like football it can be played in the park with a few sticks a ball and something to club at it with. It isn’t a gender biased sport either, as the England Women’s team have proved by reaching the second successive World Cup Final.

All sports should be a happy place for Children and an escape to get outside and meet friends, play team sports, and have fun whilst developing healthy skills and relationships. The benefits of being involved in a local club at a community level are massive when growing up; it brings together children from diverse backgrounds, to compete and develop skills of teamwork and leadership. More needs to be done to introduce girls into sport too by celebrating women who achieve, and at Catford & Cyphers girls and boys from different backgrounds and ethnicities bond over the fun and enjoyment that Asher, Matt and their fellow coaches bring to every session and the Team’s success on the field!



In inner cities and London there are fewer chances for cricket to be played, whether it be finding a Club or affording to play. Taking a leaf from Rugby’s Kyle Sinckler and recognising opportunities should be there for everyone to play sports; we invited Matt and the team to select 2 young players that we could support through the 2022 season so that they could focus on getting to practice and improving their game. We are incredibly proud of the Club coaches’ decisions of the young players they have recommended and can’t wait to see how they progress with both Bat and Ball this year!!



Find out more about Catford Cyphers Cricket Club here 

Punk hits Forest Hill

Friday night’s will never feel quite the same again since Teatro vivo visited us last week. Following a knock on the door from the troupe’s Kas and Matthew when they were looking for space for their immersive entertainment, we were more than happy to play a part in the fun. 

A little worrying though when the storyline was explained, that they actually needed an Estate Agency, as their antics through Forest Hill centre was going to end in the unfortunate kidnapping of one of our own!!

Entitled ‘The Maze’, Teatro Vivo’s penchant is to engage with their audience as close as they can get while at the same time being on the move and pulling the audience both in, and along with them.


As it happens, it was one of their own dressed like an archetypal Estate Agent, gold watch and all – and we had little to worry about – even though you’re more likely to find us in jeans and jumpers than shirts and ties.

Next time, we’re asking for costumes!

Teatro Vivo are in partnership with SHAPESLewisham 

See more about The Maze, thank you to Doug Southall for the amazing photographs

Catford Arts Trail 2021

Back again in 2021

Its back! It’s that time of year again the amazing Catford Arts Trail and we are so delighted to once again be sponsoring such a fantastic event in our local community!

One of the most highly anticipated events in the Catford Calendar, over 100 artists open their doors and welcome you in to their houses to show off their stunning art. Hosted over 2 Autumn weekends, 9/10 Oct & 16/17 Oct 2021) 11am – 6pm, the trail takes you on a wonderful adventure around this pocket of South East London. The trail will not only take you on a journey of over 40 destinations but also let you explore everything we love about SE6. Kicking the Autumnal leaves on the Riverview walk, to wondering around the famous Corbett Estate, just be sure to wipe your feet for the artists!

Along the route, whilst viewing some of the incredible art by our local artists, why not stop in one of Catford’s famous watering holes? The choice is plentiful whether it’s a pint of Guinness in the Blythe Hill Tavern, a Neck oil in the Catford Tavern or a home made gin Cocktail at Bottle Bar – quench your first with one of your favourite tipples whilst on the trail!

The 6th Catford Arts Trail since 2016 with what originally started as just 5 volunteers has grown into a real showpiece in the calendar with now nearly over 40 locations – these two weekends are not to be missed.

So get on down to the trail and see some really amazing art as well as some of Catford’s famous street art whilst you trot along this special event.

See the Map attached or download the Catford Arts App! Enjoy!




Jack Lowis, Catford Branch